Gain deep insights into your production system performance and apply continuous improvement with Síagro

Imagine that you have a farm with 600 pigs, where events that have not been regulated occur every day and all the information is recorded in Excel sheets.

It is in this moment, when having a database adapted to your business will make the difference. Understand what happened, when and why, and then act according to a priority order. This is what we call “efficiency”.





A quality system is based on process management. This helps us optimize processes as we understand its operation and performance, control our costs, identify revenue drivers, detect small and large variations early, and make data-driven decisions.

You will improve your efficiency and increase productivity and profitability. All this by using quality improvement and management methodologies, reducing waste, and using equipment in an optimized way.

Learn from data to solve problems, analyze the impact of your changes, and respond in time to market trends.


With Síagro, you can manage your processes and reduce uncertainty to make decisions.

Some examples of information that you can analyze with the application

Production evolution

You will be able to evaluate the production results of your facilities individually or jointly, and make comparisons among them.

Examinate disease transmission events and disover the root of the problem​

Effect of an enzyme on pig fattening in a period of time and detect inflection points.

Verify if the changes made in the process have had the desirable outcome.

Audits and biosafety measures.

Characterization of farm or any other facilities​.

Quality and climate control, information management, identification of problems and / or improvements, performance evaluation, ...

Health situation to deal with diseases

Implementation of controls and use of common criteria that prove their efficiency and allow their continuous analysis. Information management to implement preventive measures, ...

Slaughterhouses: Monitor the volume of water used to maintain hygiene standards.

Identify when and why data changes at certain times (if, for example, there has not been an optimal cleaning). In addition, you can control it according to population (livestock, batch…).

Evaluate the incdence of a disease and its evolution over time.

Thus, you will detect populations with higher risks, compare how the same vaccine influences animals during their first months of life,...

Animal Welfare

Control the feeding to verify its impact on production. Ask yourself questions such as… is this variable causing any new pattern and causing a greater number of piglets with cough?
Or you could also identify a deterioration in the conditions of the facilities.

O podríamos, también, identificar un deterioro en las condiciones de las instalaciones.

Analyze Salmonella (or any other disease) impact.

Study mortality patterns after the administration of a new product​ (feed, additive, vaccines,...).


Innovate in our sector had never been this easy


Is it necessary to have deep knowledge of statistics?

It is not, although we recommend a basic understanding of concepts such as mean, typical deviation or scatter charts. Nevertheless, we offer personalized help and training, and our team will always be there to solve any doubt.

How many variables or data can I register?

There is no limit. You will be able to make as many information crosses as you need without an unlimited amount of data.

How do I know if my company can benefit from the use of Síagro?

Are you looking to improve your processes, detect problems, factors that slow down or hinder the adjustment of the products to the requirements, …? Every company or process needs a control to learn from it in order to make decisions based on evidence and seek business growth.

Can I access without Internet connection?

Yes and no, It will depend on the mode of use you acquire. Síagro requires a device with Internet connection to access from any browser.

However, it is possible to install it in your business ERP.

Will It be difficult to adapt to this new platform?

Quite the opposite, Síagro seeks to simplify. Once you get your access codes, you will only have to gather the information you want to contrast or analyze and start doing the investigation. The ease that characterizes Síagro will make this process fun: It has never been so easy to get graphs! (Or we have not figured it out yet…).

Who is behind this project?

We could not leave this question… Meet us in (and come back later, of course).

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