Data mining techniques to analyze large amounts of data and discover patterns

data mining

Information overload complicates decision making. With Síagro software, you will be able to apply data mining techniques in less time and optimize your company’s activities by obtaining valuable reports.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to analyze large databases automatically and without calculation any formula

Find common characteristics among the observations

Detect recurring events to locate potential bugs or system improvements

Create groups of similar individuals (segmentation) for further analysis and quality control

Analyze relations between parameters and variables

Reduce data dimensionality and accelerate decision making

Predict the behavior of individuals or groups of these

Classify the information taking into account the essential


Artificial intelligence in real-time with an innovative software

Discover patterns and recurring events in a few clicks to detect system improvements and failures.

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Principal Component Analysis

A multivariate analysis that represents the original data (individuals and variables) in a lower dimension than the original without losing relevant information.

analisis de componentes principales

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Clúster analysis: Hierarchical

agrupamiento jerarquico

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Clúster analysis· K means

k medias

Get deep insights from data instantly and easily with Síagro

Innovative and scalable statistical software to make the process of making decisions more secure and effective.

Other types of análisis

Statistical Process Control

Quality control. Verify the impact of a change for the process and if there are any special causes of variability.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Descriptive charts to know the behaviour and distribution of your variables, relations, outliers …

Prediction Models

Determine probabilities and use innovative techniques to predict the occurrence of certain events.

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