Web application with user-friendly interface to make Statistics available to all companies

· Four categories to control quality, discover patterns and analyze data.
· A unique and interactive control panel that will change as you select variables to reduce execution times
· Download customizable reports for continuous improvement.

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Accessible from any browser and device, Síagro is a web application that will allow you to analyze all your data and know the performance and variability of your processes in just a few clicks

Steps to manage a project in Síagro

Organize your variables and collected data in an excel document.


Indicate in an additional excel tab the type of variable to use (qualitative/quantitative), if it is a group (batch, date…) and the label or name that you want to appear when generating graphs.

Access the interface and easily upload your database. The software will tell you instantly if there is an error or if relevant information is missing to perform a complete statistical analysis.


The best part: extracting information and knowledge from the data. Save what you need in your account and finish another time.


Download reports with graphs and summaries in Word documents

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Fast, versatile, interactive and easy to use. User-friendly interface that makes analyzing data like a game.


The best statistical ally for your continuous improvement process

SaaS product developed in R language (Shiny App) by a team of experts in various fields and with comprehensive knowledge of the most successful business methodologies and the importance of data for decision making.

  • Unlimited number of data.
  • All types of variables and parameters relevant to the business.
  • For all industries and professionals: Síagro makes the difficult part to be easy, and automatically calculates all the formulas.

Four analysis groups to use according to your needs and those of the clients.

An entire support center and resources at your disposal

Siagro’s experts will be there to advise you at any time and respond to your doubts and needs.

· Customized preparation of databases for your project

· Personalized training

· Free manuals and documentation

· Advice and support service

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