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Technical documentation

Complete manual with detailed technical information of the software. Siagro's interface is the most intuitive on the market, but we do not want you to feel like you're not getting the most out of it.

Advisory service

We accompany you free of charge for the first three months and advise you on your project idea or analysis. We will be your support to make the change even easier. The service is also provided in the long-term if you need it.

Preparation of databases

Our data and statistics specialists (Data Scientists) will generate two personalized databases for your company free of charge: Schedule a meeting and we can contact you >>

Manual: "Making the hard part easy with Síagro"

Book with theory and practical cases of how companies use Siagro on a day-to-day basis. Statistical explanation without going into mathematical formulas or complex procedures so that you can carry out the entire process: from preparing a database to interpreting the information in the graphs. We also send you sample databases free of charge as extra support.

Personalized trainings

Two-hour individual or group training sessions (maximum 8 people) with our Síagro experts. We adapt to your needs and conditions to make sure that all your doubts are resolved.

Diagnostic reports

Diagnostic reports and personalized data exploitation proposals for your company. Not knowing where to start is the most common. We help you.

Achieve business goals by basing your decisions in data 


You can consult the price policy and conditions here. Síagro is used through the purchase of annual licenses. Each license gives access to all the functionalities of the application and includes other extras, as well as the posibility to independently contract additional services such as personalized training, advice, statistical analysis…

Síagro is a SaaS product, so it is on the cloud and your data will be saved on your cache. And if you log out or close the application without saving your analysis before, all the information (databases, charts and reports) are deleted automatically for security purposes.

The metadata file is very easy to create and consists of a single tab within Excel where we indicate what type of variable we are handling: whether it is quantitative or qualitative and whether or not it can be treated as a group. Optionally, we can indicate how we want the variable labels to be seen in the graphs, and if they belong to a section so that we can later find them more easily within the control panel.

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No, Siagro is used by professionals who have a basic understanding of concepts such as mean, standard deviation or normal distribution. The project aims to make advanced methodologies accessible to teams with fewer resources or with shorter decision-making times in an advantageous situation. However, if your team does not have basic knowledge of Statistics, our experts train you with personalized sessions so that they learn to get the most out of the application.

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