Statistical software used in several industries: set an objective, convert a parameter to a variable, and download advanced reports.

All companies generate data. Much data.

And data have an incalculable value for increasing efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. Their analysis allows us to make decisions. But you need statistical software like Síagro that facilitates this process of analysis and the extraction of information and knowledge.

Use the evidence as a sales argument with Síagro

Síagro reads data in Excel, regardless of the nature of the defined variables, the frequency of data recording, and the groups to which they may belong. Generate metadata in record time and use all the features of the platform.

Statistical software in the cloud for SMEs and large companies

Advanced solutions to manage the conformity of products and batches, ensuring a Six Sigma quality level and maximizing the number of successes.

Productivity maximization, risk reduction and real-time control of the variability of your processes


Customized solutions for all industries. Control quality and analyze data in a few clicks.

Information overload and the increasing competitiveness complicates the decision making and the prediction of demand. Margins are tight and incorporating innovative solutions makes the difference.

  • Get a longer shelf life for your products.
  • Control all the possible variations of the products depending on the rise or fall of values ​​in their composition.
  • Check that your suppliers and partners maintain their quality levels.
  • Reduce defects and the number of inspections.
  • Measurement and monitoring of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Greater transparency is given due to the objectivity of the decisions that are based on evidence and statistical methods.
  • Quality controls in less time, and verification of the processes stability.
  • Optimize resources by detecting possible improvements and failures, prioritizing actions based on results.

FOUR ANALYSIS GROUPS that makes Síagro be a potent and scalable statistical software for all projects and industries.

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