Statistical software with prediction models to reduce costs, increase margins and detect business oportunities

modelos de prediccion

Determine the probability of occurrence or non-occurrence of different situations based on the variables you select.

Find and demonstrate with data significant differences among groups.

Link quantitative variables to obtain valuable information.

Carry out experiments to check which tests or versions give the most benefits with the A/B testing methods.

Make the most of the information collected to predict performance and failures and respond in time

Potency and versatility from any browser and with unlimited data capacity.

Ease and usability as it is managed from a single and interactive control panel that changes automtically when it detects patterns or deviations in the variables.


Statistical software for predictive analysis and probability calculations fr your company

Find in Síagro any solution for your company: define an objective, generate variables, record data and make decisions in a few clicks.

01 · Lineal regressions

Determine the relations between two or more variables, dependent and independent(s) as well as which factors are the ones that most influence that change. With this, you will be able to explain occurrence phenomena, predict the future, optimize processes, resolve errors and extract valuable information for decision making.

regresion lineal
regresion logistica

02 · Logistic regression

Calculate the probability of occurrence of an event and find out the relation between characteristics or variables. Logistic regression provides more accurate predictions and, unlike linear regression, the target variable is binary (value is 0 or 1).

03 · Poisson regression

Estimate the probability that a certain number of events will occur in a given time interval. Appropriate for when the dependent variable is a count (number of trucks, number of animals or individuals with a certain characteristic, broken boxes, messages on social networks…) and depends on other independent variables (temperature, day of the week. ..).


04 · ANOVA test

Also known as factor analysis, with ANOVA tests you can find significant differences between groups and detect where better or worse results are generated. Treatments, dosages, product brands, suppliers, product compositions… compare and decide based on evidence.

05 · A/B Test

Parametric and non-parametric hypothesis tests to compare two groups, qq graphs for groups and normality tests. Síagro will suggest performing a non-parametric test if it detects too much deviation from normality.

test ab

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Prediction models and much more. Discover the rest of Siagro's statistical analysis classes.

Exploratory Analysis

Normality, boxplots y and so on to detect errors in the databases and know the distribution and relation among variables. 

Process improvement

Quality control and variability reduction with advanced methodologies to increase competitiveness.

Data mining

Artificial Intelligence in real-time to analyze huge databases and discover patterns within the samples.

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