Plans adapted to your company​

Start making evidence-based decisions and increase your added value with Síagro

Plans adapted to your company

Start making evidence-based decisions and increase your added value with Síagro

Your business uses the Application


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* At the client’s request, it may not be included if you prefer.

Additional services

Analysis service for inference, principal components, clusters and other analyzes

Diagnostic reports and data exploitation proposals customized for your company

Incorporation of Síagro in the client’s ERP, training, and implementation of the tool

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Frequent Asked Questions

Can I request advice in any of the phases of my project (data collection, analysis…) if my company chooses mode 1?

Yes, although It will have an additional cost. Our team will always be willing to help you and resolve any questions that may arise.

What is the minimum acquisition time for mode 1?

There are two plans, and the chose generally depends on the objectives and characteristics of the study. These are divided into a semi-annual and an annual period.

How often do I receive reports in mode 2?

The rhythm is set by you and the characteristics of the study and / or process itself. We will adapt to the needs and times established with the utmost precision to ensure that you receive the information on time.

Furthermore, our work methodology is based on communication and we are continuously in touch with the clients to ensure no important information is lost.

Can I record the data in the Application from the farms and perform the analysis?

Even though Síagro is available in any browser, the Application requires a database in Excel format to work. If your company has devices adapted to this, you will not have any problem.

Still, one of the advantages you will get with Síagro is to organize these databases, so the next step does not have complications. Síagro seeks to simplify.

Do you have affiliate programs?

The budgets are personalized for each company (mode 2 and additional services), since each situation has its peculiarities in terms of time, requirements, …

These budgets are adapted basing on a single criterion if your company contacts another that ends up being a new client.

Why should not I acquire Síagro?

You should not if your company already has each one of the following:

You are implementing quality methodologies, know the strengths and weaknesses, know how to respond quickly to problems by detecting small and large variations, act proactively when making estimates, know how to collect field data based on each study objective, analyze this information, know get the most out of it and do it efficiently in terms of time, resources, and equipment,… And, most importantly, you understand and control the processes performance (that all the above comes implicitly).